Dr. Leonard Sax, as a physician and psychologist, he has seen the physical and mental health of our boys and girls have to engage with new issues concerning our delay use of technology in our lives.  Below is visited Oakcrest Academy, an all-girls school in Virginia, in March 2017.  He research as well as experience from clinical practice is worthy for all parents to listen or watch.

From the Oakcrest website: Dr. Sax discusses the cultural pressures children face in 2017, how girls perceive their feminine identity, the phenomena of addictions and obsessions, and the dangerous effects of social media on girls in particular.  Dr. Sax has authored many books, including The Collapse of Parenting, Girls on the Edge, and Boys Adrift. He has appeared on the TODAY Show, CNN, National Public Radio, PBS, Fox News, Fox Business, CBC, BBC, and many other national and international media.

Here is the link for the audio: https://oakcrest.podbean.com


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